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Pokemon Heroes by Ry-Spirit

I love it. very nostalgic. it's been forever since i've seen a good picture of green, or ruby, and nobody ever draws wally! watsup with...


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Mega mawile sprite by NosciumGreninja by GeoisEvil
Ask me about these:

ANIALATION! The Anime series
Lady Sapphire!

Great Gaming
Great Gaming: Console-tans

Koko semester 2
Koko Welcome to Japan
Koko Homecoming
Koko 7: Overtime
Koko: X Hearts

Fight Night



Rushi & Ariana

Sky Riders
Sky Riders Future

Hero 2006
Hero 2008

Zoe! Go Anywhere!

Desert Storm

Golden Sun of Manila


Make Me Popular


Drama Anime

Inspire Vivid Horizons

Machinime All-Stars Brawl

Machine RPG

Kaz: Liberation, Revolution, Peace

Dan Beckett

Military Game


Machi Nama

Legend of Black

Bento & Sushi

Divination: Deckar and Auni



RukoRoki Neon-ko!

Demon Eye Queen

Trigger Academy
America & Magaka
Foot Fury
Paranoia Paradox
Royal Blood
Romantan Enix


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Midanventure by Machinima2714
For a friend of mine who doesn't exist in this world of the internet.
"Sure, we'll go an adventure. We can save the world."
"Why bring you along? Because you're my friend. Do I need a better reason?"
ANIALATION! Part 1 Ch1 Page 1 by Machinima2714
ANIALATION! Part 1 Ch1 Page 1
I redrew a page of manga from 3 years ago. There's no link because apparently I deleted it. Sorry.
MeraH by Machinima2714


The Rosalia Crux is a celestial being that happens to be dying. A similar rival being to it had shed it's crystal-like body to possess a human. Not knowing which human had been possessed, the Crux choose to give it's powers to 6 humans to find and kill its enemy. These humans just so happened to all be women. These six women were then destined to join together and defeat their newly given natural enemy.

The story centers around Kattelya, a high school student who encoun...tered the Crux while on a school trip. The weapon she was given to kill the rival Crux is an axe with a blade in the shape of a K.
Haruna met Kattelya when she returned from the trip, and thought she was the rival Crux. Her weapon is a short double-blade.
Namia is an uperclassman at Kattelya's school who is training to be a rescue diver. Her weapon is a double-sided spear.
Fuu is the CEO of her own fashion design company. She was thought to be the rival Crux and was attacked. She later said that she was uninterested in finding the rival Crux, but was... reconvinced by the Rosalia Crux. Her weapons are guantlets.
Lillian is a truant; she stopped going to school because her health was declining. Her weapon is traditional sword.
Audrey is Lilian's best friend and caretaker. Her weapon is an smg.

2015 Machin Studios.

Great Gaming Wii U by Machinima2714
Great Gaming Wii U

Great Gaming, the personification of video game consoles and companies! This time it's the Nintendo Family.

-Wii U: The current head of the Nintendo Family, Wii U is a gentle soul who, instead of prepping for conflict with other families, spends his time trying to make his family and fans. When he does have to fight he uses swords that, when put together, make the U symbol and can fire a powerful beam from them. His favorite game is The Legend of Zelda.
-Gamecube: The previou...s head of the Family, GC is unlike other 5th gen consoles in the fact that he's still happy and energetic. He also still has a strong leadership role in the Family, and fights more than Wii U. He fights with his blade legs, which are augmentations, not natural. His favorite game is Super Smash Bros.
-Nintendo DS: Represents all DS models. The youngest member of any family, DS's child-like innocence causes him to seem out of place among other consoles. He wishes he could fight, but still doesn't have a way of fighting. His favorite game is Pokemon.
-Nintendo 64: The Nintendo Family is the only family with a deceased member. That member is N64, whose death is a mystery. He was murdered, but the culprit is unknown. Was it PS2? Or was it...Gamecube? No one knows. When he was alive, he was generous and acted a lot like Wii U does today. His favorite game was Starfox.


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Machinima2714 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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