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Top 20 Anime List

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 11:04 PM
Over the years I've watched a large variety of different anime series. I've decided to make a list of my top 20 series. A few rules for this list: I have to have watched at least 3 episodes to put it on this list. Sorry Beelzebub, Hunter X Hunter, and Samurai Champloo. I also can't include a series and a spin-off/sequel series, to keep things fair. Well, now that that's out the way, let's get this list started!

#20 - Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Give the folks at Studio Gainax some LSDs and unlimited access to American media and you get PSG. While the show may not be super popular and many people don't like the show, I find it really funny, but mainly because I'm used to that kind of immature humor. The reason the show is only #20 is because of that huge cliff-hangar at the end. Still waiting on that 2nd's been 4 years now...still waiting...

#19 - IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix
Long before RWBY there was IGPX, an anime produced by an American company (Cartoon Network, specifically Toonami) for American audiences. I mean come on, it's basically I hybrid of mecha and NASCAR, though more on the mecha side. It was a really great show that had good characters, and awesome season 2 and come on, it's on Toonami! The only other thing I want out of this show is another season.

#18 - Eureka 7
This was my first mecha show. The story was...not what I was expecting. I mean that in a good way though. I thought it would just be giant robots fighting each other for 20-30 episodes. I was not expecting a double love story, complex history, and...wait. It was 3 love stories. Oh shit. Also, another Toonami show.

#17 - Black Lagoon
Yeah! You got fucked! That the line will stick with me for the rest of my life. What's not to love about pirates, guns, and a crazy Russian lady covered in burns? Tops. SO tops. Currently on Toonami.

#16 - Kuruko's Basketball
It's basketball! I'm black, so I'm down! Usually I look down on sports anime since most are...crap (Prince of Tennis, Free), but Kuruko no Basuke it's everything you'd want out of an anime that's manga ran in Weekly Shonen Jump. They seemed to have found a way to make basketball look like...something more than basketball. That's pretty cool.

#15 - Fullmetal Alchemist
I'm talking about the original series. The original Fullmetal had a way more interesting story, even if FMAB is thought to be the better, with witches (I think?) a better excuse for the existence of the Homunculi, and add that with the movie, you'll have a perfect end to a great series.

#14 - Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere
Who'd a thought you can make a romantic story involving futuristic wartime, false prophets, a cross-dresser, all centered around a pervert/nudist and an emotionless girl who's actually a robot. But that is, in a nutshell, Horizon. This show was one of the many that made my summer of anime last year so enjoyable. This show also introduced me to the wonderful sounds of Ms. Minori Chihara, aka Minorin.

#13 - Oreimo
Another show from the summer of anime last year, this time taking a break from the saving the world and all and instead taking a look at the otaku culture. This show was not only funny (in a slice of life kind of way) but also shows how much fun being in our niche fandom of anime can be. We're not all a bunch of weabs who want to somehow turn into Japanese high schoolers! Some of us are...well, normal. We like what we like what we like, and others don't like the same, we don't need to show them it. I really want to see the finale OVA, but only aired on Crunchyroll for one night and isn't there anymore. I already know what happens, but I still wanna watch it.

#12 - Hetalia
Yeah it's THAT show. I put Hetalia up at #12 because if it wasn't for this show, I would've never gotten back into anime. Toonami hadn't come back yet, so all I ever watched was Adult Swim and what not. Thanks to Hetalia though, I got back into the fanbase, and was able to get hooked on many other shows. China is still one of my favorite anime characters ever, and if it wasn't for all the hardcore yaoi porn, I'd still be a fan of the show.

#11 - Air Gear
A very little known anime (b/c Japan didn't like it), Air Gear is like the Spike TV of anime. It's got sports, tits, more sports, tits, tits, and more tits. Putting fanservice aside though, it tells one hell of an underdog story, not to mention inventing hover-skates! They're  like hoverboards, but with skates!. Also it sort of depicts how Japanese people people look down on people from other regions in Japan.(Just like Americans!) Also there's an announcer character who breaks the fourth wall and has a tv for a head. He was funny.

#10 - Angel Beats!
In Japan after high school you die, and even after you die, you back to high school! What gives? Anyway, Angel Beats is a perfect combination of romance, the supernatural, and comedy. It was a valid way to address the subject of purgatory and what to do after you die. It may have been a bit obvious that a school would be the way to go, but hey, high school can be fun, right?

#9 - Blue Exorcist
This show is funny, action-ey, religious. Rin is hilarious and Yukio makes a great teacher. The whole son of Satan thing makes me interested about what will happen in the end, but I'm going to enjoy every saturday night that'll lead up to that.

#8 - Gintama
I wish I heard about this show earlier because it's a great shonen different from most others and ran for almost 300 episodes. It's a grand clash of old and new as Japan is taken over by aliens and everybody kinda just has to deal with it. Gintoki is awesomely hilarious, and I'm doing my best to slowly complete the series.

#7 - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Who the hell do you think you are!? Another great line in anime courtesy of Kamina, this show is so over-the-top awesome it's hands down a must watch for mecha fans, or Gainax fans, or anime fans in general. My only grief with this show is...well...y'know...episode 8. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!?

#6 - Sword Art Online
THe most popular anime of 2012, many loved it, many hated it. Well I thought it was a great show, even if its flaws were clearly pointed out for me and are pretty clear to me. SAO brought video games and anime together in a way that was unique. It was one of a kind!...

#5 - Log Horizon
...Until Log Horizon stole the show by fixing on all the things people hated about SAO. A show without fanservice, Log Horizon gets its strength from it's character variety, amazing battles, and an actual feel for gaming. Virtual was lame, but getting sucked into a real game that exists now is much more relatable. Another plus, no high schoolers! All the main characters are college students!

#4 - Kill la Kill
Do I have to say stuff? My hands are hurting...and you all know why that show is great. PS, apparently Kill la Kill classifies as a magical girl anime. Who'da thought!?

#3 - Attack on Titan
This show gave the anime community such a good look. Look at us with our medieval Spider-men fighting giant zombies. The Walking Dead can't match that! Anyway this show definitely had to show up on this list because of the shear volume of the show and how it affected us all. Looking forward to the English dub too.

It's a high school anime, yes, but let me explain. It's the story of three 11th graders who's club's purpose is to help people, students, teachers, who cares.
Why? Each has a backstory so gripping, it affects you, the viewer, and ties into their place in the club (which is called SKET Dan btw) and why they are how they are. Maybe it's because I'm still I high schooler, but I relate with these guys so much, even if it's 77 episodes, I'll rewatch it. They also have a cross-over episode with Gintama, which is very similar to them.

#1 - ...
It's our #1 Knucklehead ninja.
#1 is Naruto
Okay okay okay! Everybody shut up and let me explain! Everybody  has that one show that introduces them to the world of anime. For many, it's Dragon Ball, or Sailor Moon, or maybe something else from Toonami's older days. For me, my gateway anime was Naruto, the ultimate underdog story. The story is good even if it suffers from filler (ps I even read the original manga that Naruto would have been. not bad), the characters are great, and for a looooooong time, it was the only show I looked forward to watching on TV. Here's something for you: ANIALATION wouldn't exist without Naruto. It should be pretty obvious that Z.K. is black Naruto in the future, Yoshi is Chinese Sasuke, and Kamina is canon-with-main-character Sakura. After it stopped airing, I didn't know what to do in terms of tv. ANIALATION took a crazy turn that has no existing evidence besides A.K. Megashi and Kahn's design. Without Naruto, I wouldn't be a fan of anime. Without Naruto, ANIALATION wouldn't exist, and hell, without Naruto, I wouldn't about this website, because I heard about from a friend who liked Naruto. I do feel ashamed that that I ended up putting a Big 3 anime on top, which I guess classifies me as a "Tard", but I don't care. Keep the anime world alive Naruto. Keep it alive.

Well that about covers it for this count down. If you want to share your favorites, leave a comment.

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