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Pokemon Heroes by Ry-Spirit

I love it. very nostalgic. it's been forever since i've seen a good picture of green, or ruby, and nobody ever draws wally! watsup with...


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Mega mawile sprite by NosciumGreninja by GeoisEvil
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Lady Sapphire!

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AoKen Characters by Machinima2714
AoKen Characters
The cast of AoKen live in the far future, when Japan and California have become one: Rim. As such, people seem to hail from both cultures.
*Aobuki Izuki, the main character is a samurai in an age not needing samurai. He's broke and can't find work. At least, not until his younger sister hooks him up with a job working for...ninjas. Something's not right there. No one but Aobuki seems to notice though...
*Shoko Izuki, Aobuki's little sister and resident gunsmith. Unlike her brother, Shoko learned skills that would be beneficial and makes an honest living selling, making, and customizing guns.
*Furuichi, head of the Rim Shinobi Association, carries out requests and espionage missions with her two most trusted officers, *Mikomico Moka and *Rei Miyomi. She also hired Aobuki and has a crush on him.
*Sarabella Norizaki, a psychic who uses calligraphy to convey her predictions. She is well known throughout Rim for her accuracy.
Tojo Orihara, captain of Rim's head police force, usually seen accompanied by *Josuke Ginkame and *Joseph Saratoba.
*Priyanka, a traveler from the Land Beyond The Wall (what was once India), Priyanka traveled to Rim in search of her brother. She has a fondness for alcohol and hints at having feelings for Aobuki.
*Sanjay, Priyanka's brother and a military soldier, Sanjay hates having so much responsibility and usually gets out of it somehow. He even went full-on AWOL and hid in Rim for a while, before being discovered by his sister and colleague, *Anatolla.
*Viktor Toberelii, an assassin that went undercover for a while in Rim before taking out his target and leaving. During his time in Rim he got to know a young Shoko and even became her mentor. He returned in the current time to hunt down another target who looked a lot like Shoko, causing them to fight in a battle between student and master.
Also barely shown is *Naranja Nitana, the series villian who knew Aobuki in the past.
Z000 2 - Kugito by Machinima2714
Z000 2 - Kugito
Following the events of Umbra, the Meta have set their sights on Kugito, a relatively average planet of no interest. Why they have chosen to invade is a mystery, but humanity won't give up without a fight, sending in the hero who saved Umbra, Kiina Sung He. Teaming up with local soldiers, Kiina plans to defend the planet with her life, just as she did before.
Paranoia Paradox by Machinima2714
Paranoia Paradox
 In a dull, seemingly lifeless city, a demon haunts the people by stealing their souls. She will give them a power and a task: kill her in a set amount of time. If they don't, she will eat their souls, and the people will become lifeless shells with no ambition, and inevitably cease to exist after death. Tokio Takegi had his soul stolen in exchange for the power of time manipulation. He has three months.

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Hello, I'm an admin from the group ForTheLoveOfHetalia. Someone in our group wants to be added to our RP list as Beijing, but your name is currently on the list. I just want to clarify that you no longer wish to be Beijing as this person says? Please get back to me when you can. 
Machinima2714 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh yeah, I'm not Beijing anymore, kinda got out of Hetalia. They can be Beijing so long as it's their own Beijing OC. Mine is off-limits.
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