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Mega mawile sprite by NosciumGreninja by GeoisEvil
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ANIALATION! The Anime series
Lady Sapphire!

Great Gaming
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Koko semester 2
Koko Welcome to Japan
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Koko 7: Overtime
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RukoRoki Neon-ko!


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Persona//Icon//Alias - Machinima2552 by Machinima2714
Persona//Icon//Alias - Machinima2552
Holy shit he looks like a girl...

Anyway, in addition to a pen name, many artists and writers also sometimes have a character that represents them. Chris Niosi has Kirbopher, Hideaki Sorachi (Gin Tama) has his gorilla-man, FMA's author has the cow. This is mine. Recognize him? He's my universal social media icon, from here on DA to MyAnimeList. I may not have a posted a picture of him, but he's also the basis of my OC Black from The Legend of Black.


I miss color so much. That's my strength too.

Alright so I Just finished marathoning Bakuman after a week with almost no interruptions. Now that it's over though, I'm reminded of saying of mine that always gets to me:

The best part of a story is the ending. That's when all the pieces fit, everything has wrapped up, and all is well in the world. But the ending is also the worst part, because you left wondering "What now?" Your enjoyment has ended and it can be hard to replace.

Well, it's best to just enjoy the feeling of completion, and patiently wait for the next great work.

If you don't know what Bakuman is, it's the manga about how to become a successful mangaka basically. The anime covers the entire series, only 7 episodes are dubbed, and none of the series has been licensed outside Japan, so you'll have to use fansub sites to watch it. But if you're a reader the manga is available from Viz Media.

Trigger Academy Tsuwabuki Aoi by Machinima2714
Trigger Academy Tsuwabuki Aoi
ANIALATION! is coming to a close...what's next? トリガー学園! (Trigger Academy)

Here's a synopsis:
The city of Trigger...In this city are three distinct academies. West-High, the all-girls school, East-High, the all-boys school, and North-High, the co-ed school. The all-girls school is known for its high exam scores and student success rates. The all-boys school...not so much. This has caused tension between male and female students. Male students are known to create gangs and cause violent back-alley fights, and harassing female students. As a means of protection, some of female students started there own gang. They call themselves Aka Akumano (朱 あくまの//Red Devils?). The leader of Aka wields a sword of unknown origin that grants the user the power of Stone Wind (which should be self-explanatory). Their have been 5 generations of the Aka Akumano.

Aoi Tsuwabuki is the 5th leader of Aka Akumano. She was given the sword before the start of her 2nd year at East-High. For the first month of school she was the sole member of Akumano. No other student knew she was the current leader (and only member). Since she is the leader, she acts calm and level-headed. Many have never seen her smile. 

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