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Mega mawile sprite by NosciumGreninja by GeoisEvil
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Gods of ANIALATION!! by Machinima2714
I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make gods! But when you're characters get to OP, and the power levels exceed 9000, shift happens, and humans become dieties. So with out further adue (adu? addue?), A!!
(from top down going left, right, then counterclockwise. make sense?)

Ariina is the goddess of the universe. She knows everything that has happened, is happenning, and will happen. Introduced in the Rakira arc, Ariina is...bored with her realm, for lack of better words. Her power of knowing everything caused her to lack interest in everything, so she decided to change aspects, such as introducing life energy and pure power. But after doing that she then knew what would happen in the universe because of it, so she decided to sleep, for eternity, hoping she would at least dream of something unexpected. She was awakened by a ritual in the year 2715 which is when the Rakira arc takes place. Between the universe's creation and falling into sumber Ariina had 8 "children", 3 gods and 5 powerful beasts. How? She's a goddess. She can do whatever she wants.

Ariina's first child was Diga, god of time. Also appearing in the Rakira arc, Diga is also bored with the universe, so as a means of entertainment, he aligned himself with Azu (the main villian/rival of A!) and fought against Z.K. and Rakira. After his loss, and a punishment from his mother, Diga stayed in his own realm, the Time Inquiry.

Ariina's second son, and Diga's twin brother, Paka, is the god of space. Not appearing until the Earth arc, Paka is the more immature son, who decides to cause problems on his own for entertainment. He can create multiple copies of himself and used them to terrorize places such as San Francisco and Taipei. After a defeat by Yoshi and Kajida, Paka went back to his realm, the Spatial Influx.

The first powerful beast Ariina created was the Dark Dragoon. It was tasked with monitering and regulating the shadow realm, the reverse world of reality. The Dark Dragoon was abruptly summones by Azu and then drained of power temporarily by Renegade in the World Tour arc. Dark Dragoon is usually uncaring of humans and does not usually become violent, but will attack relentlessly when provoked or engaged.

The second beast was the All-Seer, a large flying snake, borderline dragon, that is tasked with overseeing Reality. However, proving to be to fearsome and strict, Ariina sealed away the All-Seer in a tomb on Klypto. It was accidentally released in the JCK-P arc by Psychic. After defeat, the All-Seer was re-sealed along with the Ruin Beasts it had control over.

The third, Kardas, was the first living thing to use life energy. It could manifest the energy into a beam it shot from it's mouth. It would go on to solely rely on this attack and cayse havoc. Seeing this as an ussue, Ariina created the next beast.

The Mauka resembles the only creature that can challenge a dragon: the tiger. Created fir the sole purpose of defeating Kardas, Mauka challenged the dragon and won by draining enough life energy out of it to render it's energy beam impossible. The Mauka then dissappeared, never heard of in legends again...

The last beast she created was Flarmanific, the bird of hope. It was created to give humanity hope, but more so, to give Ariina hope, hope that one day would come when she wouldn't know what would happen, a day when she would be taken on by surprise. That day eventually did come.

Ariina had one daughter not to long after her sons. Her daughter's mame is Rinne, and she is the goddess defiance. From creation, she hated Ariina and Reality. She wanted to destroy everything and recreate it into a realm where she ruled brutally. She fought against her mother and siblings, and was cast away into the Regent End, where she both rules and is umprisoned. She does not appear until the End arc of A!!! Lady Sapphire. Her greatest power is the ability to affect the elements and life energy, which counter Ariina's creation of chieftans perfectly.
Path to Pure Power by Machinima2714
Path to Pure Power
It's ANIALATION! (アナイアレーシヨン!) It is my magnum oous, in the works for over 8 years, and still not finished (I just added a new arc. dammit!)! This time I drew progression of main character Z.K. Megashi. The series starts off when he's 12, time skips to 17-19, and once the baton is handed down to his daughter, he appears at age 40. In A!, the "fighters", kmown as Chieftans (chief for short), use elements to battle in a sort of pkmn-style type advantage system (y'know, the fire-grass-water 101). Z.K. harbors 4 elements: electricity, wind, ground, and metal. At his strongest, Z.K. can unlock Pure Power (bottom), in which someone uses the purest form of life energy in battle. All elements are modified energy. Z.K. is the second living bieng to utilize Pure Power; the first was an ancient being called the Kardas Dragon (top). ...okay that's all i feel like getting into right now. Got questions? Hash it out in the comments.

Oh yeah! I taught myself a new qriting system. So what does the picture say?
Young Z.K. Cherish all bonds you form.
Teen Z.K. Greater power is gifted to strong bonds.
Adult Z.K. Have a dream that could never end.
Pure Power Z.K. Pure Power lies in all chiefs.
WaKiWaYu 120 Class 120 students by Machinima2714
WaKiWaYu 120 Class 120 students
Here's some of the students in class 120:

Alex Banks, an artist, and one of the smartest in class.
Sonto Grofuu, a friend of Kuroba's (main protagonist, yet to be revielled) from back home, like to talk in 3rd person.
Dakara Shiihaba, a little arrogant at times, but very relatable overall.
Shoki Felton, hyperactive caffiene addict, very stressed at times.
Shout!, a male cheerleader. That's about it.
Jada Miracle, the other class rep.
Erika Bento, friends with Shoki, a bit of a polar opposite.
Dicode, fools around with a fake fratello mustache.
Nise Bega, cheated the system to gaurantee her spot in university.

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